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Tourmalated Quartz Ring - Alchemia

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Stone: Tourmalated Quartz

Material Type: Alchemia

Band Width: 4mm

Ring Size: Adjustable - Size 5.5 - 10.5 Strong

Stone Size: 19mm x 13mm

Gaze into the mysteries of the Universe with this gorgeous, opaque tourmalated quartz ring! Set in glimmering Alchemia Gold, you'll be the spitting image of an alchemical siren, casting spells of beauty and intrigue! (You'll thank us later!)

Crafted with Alchemia gold that's hypoallergenic, cadmium free, nickel free and under warranty for life! Plus, not only is it stunningly stylish, it's got an adjustable band that's strong and easy to adjust from 5.5 - 10.5 size. Say goodbye to pesky allergies and hello to your gorgeous, safe statement-maker!