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Happy Buddha Black Onyx Adjustable Ring-Solid Sterling Silver

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Stone: Clear Quartz

Material Type: Solid Sterling Silver

Band Width: 5MM

Ring Size: Adjustable

Stone Size: 28MM X 22MM

At NUB we appreciate a smile, and what better than a happy buddha on your fingertips

Naturally Unique works in epic Solid Sterling Silver that is built to last!

 Yup!! Our sterling silver pieces are super unique and varies in 950 & 925 purities.


  • Store Silver- in re-closable plastic bags, you will keep the air away. Air along with chemicals contribute and accelerate tarnishing of sterling silver jewelry.
  • Adjustable Bands – We have put lots of time & effort in our bands to make sure adjustable can get away from a bad reputation. Our bands also adjust from 5.5-10 & sometime bigger. It took some time, but we did it!!
  • Top-opening is thick and strong and hard to budge unless you are purposely resizing.
  • Bottom Opening Wide – Our build thinner allowing a strong but mailable effect that holds the weight of large stones, multi stone pieces, & once you pinch to your finger that day it won’t go anywhere!
  • Bottom Opening Slim – Our built for comfort, mailable & can open & close 6-10 & sometimes larger!

Clean - use warm soapy water and then dry with a soft cloth or polishing cloth. Use polishing cloth on metal portion of jewelry only. Polishing cloths are impregnated with a chemical cleaner. Chemical is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Cloth will clean and polish gold, silver, and other precious metals. Never dip jewelry in liquid cleaners. This could cause damage to stones.